本文摘要:After 500,000 miles of road tests,Google self-driving car team gave new Yorker writer Burkhard Bilger unusually deep access for a profile this wis经过50万英里的道路测试后,谷歌Its still unclear whether the larger idea of autonomous cars will work at all


After 500,000 miles of road tests,Google self-driving car team gave new Yorker writer Burkhard Bilger unusually deep access for a profile this wis经过50万英里的道路测试后,谷歌Its still unclear whether the larger idea of autonomous cars will work at all-the most optimistic estimate seems to be that they will come to目前还不确定自动汽车这个宏伟的概念能否行得通。最悲观的估计是,5至10年内将进入市场。but self-driving cars are what put Google on the map as a company that tries to make science fiction into reality,So the tale of how they came to be is但是,自动驾驶汽车使谷歌沦为试图将著名科幻变为现实的公司,因此,关于这个概念如何构成的故事也引人注目。

the hero of bilge RS story is 33-year-old engineer Anthony levandows ki,Who joined Google after building a self-driving motorcycle foorlevandows ki was toiling away on Google street view with the more-famous inventor/Professor sebastian Thrun before the two of them got the got比尔格在再次加入谷歌之前,以主人公的身份报道了为美国无人驾驶汽车挑战赛(DARPA Grand Challenge)设计自动驾驶摩托车的33岁工程师雷班多斯基。莱万斯基与谷歌更著名的发明家兼教授特隆一起专注于谷歌街景开发,之后两人分别是谷歌牵头创始人佩里(Larry Page)和布林(Sergey Brin)的What made the difference?a TV show producers wacky idea for a stunt,believe it or not。对无人驾驶汽车这个概念有根本影响的是什么?信不信由你,这个项目始于希望电视节目制作者出来的令人震惊的噱头。

from Bilgers piece 3360 bilger说:“in February of 2008,levandowski got a call from a producer of prototype this!a series on the discovery channel . would he be interested in building a self-driving pizza delivery car?Within five weeks,He and a team of fellow Berkeley graduates and other engineers had retro fitted a Prius for the purpose . they patched together a2008年2月,莱万多斯基在探索频道(Discovery Channel)系列“Prototype This!”收到了,一位制片人的电话回答说,他是否有兴趣做自动驾驶的披萨仓库车。在5周内,他改造了由伯克利同学和其他工程师组成的团队和普锐斯(Prius)。

他们收集导航系统,说服加州高速公路巡警(California Highway Patrol),让他们从旧金山逃离经由金银岛的海湾大桥。威廉莎士比亚、加州公路门户网站、加州公路门户网站(California Highway Patrol)无人驾驶汽车在美国街头合法月经尚属首次。the successful bridge crossing earned page and brins go-ahead within a few months,according to Thrun。泰伦说,这次光滑的“腿部运动”让他们获得了 Then the two Google co-founders,like boys plotting a scavenger hunt,Gave The self-driving car team a set of 10 100-mile itineraria接下来,谷歌的两位联合创始人像计划“水球游戏”的孩子一样,为自动驾驶汽车队改编了10条100英里的路线。


在一年半的时间里,球队已经完成了所有10条路线。Theres a lot more to the story,but the real question is,whats next for the self-driving car?there are challenges on multiple fronts,Now that the scavenger-hunt phase is over . 1)jumping over legal hurdles . 2)figuring outand 3)Making next technological leaps forward in sensors and machine learning . even if autonomous cars are statistically safer,Any mistake关于这个故事,我有很多话要说,但可以肯定的问题是,自动驾驶的下一步会回到哪里呢?“寻水游戏”这一阶段临近后,该项目在很多方面面临挑战。



虽然有统计显示自动驾驶更安全,但无论经常发生什么失误,都不会伤害所有希望。(威廉莎士比亚,哈姆雷特,安全名言)As bilger reports,the car has trouble in the rain,for instance,When its lasers bounce off shiny surfaces(the first drops call forth a small icon of a cloud on screen and a voice warning that auto-drive ww Disengage)。


)it cant tell wet concrete from dry or fresh asphalt from firm . it cant hear a traffic cops whistle or follow hand signals . bill(前几滴雨水经常导致屏幕上出现云状的小图标。)然后听到自动驾驶功能将恢复的警报声。(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视),)这种车不能区分滑梯和干混凝土,不能区分刚刚铺好的沥青和已经很硬的沥青。

听不到交通警察的初音,也不能遵守交通手势的提示。At the same time,the car is often smarter than a human。for instance,It can prepare to brake preemptively based on traffic data about a slow down coming ahead,Or slow to a crawl at nighttime on a wood同时,汽车一般比人聪明。例如,汽车需要通过交通数据到前方滑行,所以制定制动器滑行的计划或在夜间林地行驶中找到一只肩上奔跑的鹿时,最好放慢速度。

(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视剧),)And improvements are coming,says bilger 3360 at the tech meeting I attended,laserslated to be installed within the year . It had more than twice the range of previous models-eleven hundred feet instead of two hundred and sixs Nd tothe laser would be about the size of a coffee mug,he told me,And cost around ten thousand dollars-seventy thousand less than the current比尔格说不会有太大的改善。他说,在我参与的这次技术会议上,莱万斯基将谷歌最近的激光设备视频展示给团队,计划今年内安装在汽车上。(威廉莎士比亚、莱万斯基、北方Exposure(美国电视)、)新设备的观测范围是以前型号的两倍,从260英尺到1100英尺,分辨率是以前型号的30倍。